WHY – The Purpose

People are all different, but equal in worth, and deserve a home. Scarce, unaffordable housing is not a local problem in a few countries, but there is a global housing crisis due to fast urbanizing and underperformance of the building industry. Demand for affordable housing is high and there is an urgent need to build extra to make up for the current shortage. In many urban centers around the world housing-related household expenses are rising faster than salary and wage increases.

The traditional construction industry is in desperate need for modernization. Historically, the construction industry has underperformed (McKinsey June 2020) and faces many problems such as slow speeds, growing labor shortage and skills scarcity, high cost pressure and the inability to scale or reluctancy to use industrial approaches or new materials. Another major stimulus for the smart building revolution is the urgent need to reduce the built environment’s impact on carbon emission through reducing the wasteful consumption of materials and electricity. Globally the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions is energy consumption and 40% of this energy is consumed within buildings, HVAC and lighting systems.

The answer to underperformance of the building industry and depletion of natural resources is for people to “Think different” and act.NxtGen Houses - think different - Steve Jobs

NxtGen Houses has created an innovative new sustainable industrial residential building system that will grow into something extraordinary. Our system is a combination of Meccano, LEGO and IKEA and enables building elements to have multiple lives by using the “design for disassembly and adaptability” principle.

We belief that technological innovation and digitalization will transform the entire built environment. How people design, build, operate and experience the built world will and needs to change dramatically in the near future. Smart “autonomous” residential buildings will help creating healthy and friendly neighborhoods.

Mission Statement
To accelerate the transition of the build industry and bring innovation by creating affordable residential buildings of superior quality while reducing the environmental footprint.

Our ambition is to become an important circular “lighthouse” company that reduces CO2 footprint and (embodied) energy in the building industry. TWe want to produce as many affordable homes as possible. To make an impact we need all help we can get to become a “mature” company and built residential buildings on different continents.

NxtGen Houses Apartment Building