Why are we different

NGH NxtGen Houses Apartment San Francisco

We design and build residential buildings using load bearing hybrid skeletons that are fitted on site with pre-produced building elements. We start engineering and construction with careful design and selection of primitives and have developed similar to automotive companies a construction chassis. When buying a car you can choose a brand (NxtGen Houses)), a model (type of building), a color (cladding and finishing), etc. Our building process is similar to how carmakers produce.

Kit of parts
The modularity of components and flexibility of independent assemblies are key to the “kit of parts” system which allows to configure a wide range of different housing typologies that promote a sense of wellbeing and turn the spaces we inhabit into healthier and happier places. Digital building elements are planned with very granular details and managed like pieces of a bigger puzzle. We design smart, using less material for similar strength, with a minimum of releasable parts and elements which can be dry mounted easily without specific skills since the simple mounting system allows to learn and master repetitive taks fast. We operate efficient, effective and sustainable.

NGH Apartment Building New York

Unique long-term competitive advantage
In order to create the maximum sustainable economic value and to keep housing affordable, NGH works with prefab designed standardized construction elements, which can be assembled and reused in (m)any possible configurations. Design wishes can be translated into specific parts or assemblies rather than having to change the whole concept itself. We use steel for strength and bio-based insulation or wood for thermal mass.

Adaptability of a building is important for future wishes of tenants. Extending the economic lifespan by adapting to the changing needs makes buildings more valuable. Choices of materials have consequences for people and planet. Translated into real estate, the longer a building lasts, the more sustainable the use of energy and materials. Our smart design and advanced manufacturing improves safety, efficiency, speed, sustainability and creates affordable sustainable solutions.