Target groups


With our NxtGen Houses (NGH) building systems we design and build permanent residential houses that can last for over 80 years. The NGH housing concepts are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and design freedom. Depending on the desired type of housing, layout and location, we adjust our basic concepts to a tailormade design. NGH realizes affordable housing for specific target groups: single and multifamily living, starters, singles, seniors, young professionals, worker migrants and students. Each target group has its own housing characteristics and housing requirements: size, composition, number of bedrooms, finishing, shared facilities, outdoor spaces, etc. Based on the desired mix of target groups within a building, a suitable layout and finishing is determined.

NGH family & senior living Bern
NGH Apartment Building Rotterdam

Types of NGH housing

  • Detached or Semi-detached houses with one or more floors.
  • Small-scale apartment buildings with 12 to 20 houses of approx. 40- 60m²
  • Mid-rise apartment buildings with 80 rental apartments with living areas ranging from approx. 20-60 m², various communal spaces, a roof terrace and a plinth level with shops and coffee-corners including room for formal and informal work and study areas.
  • Mid-rise co-living/hospitality apartment buildings with 60 rental apartments with living areas from approximately 20m² to approximately 60m². Consists of several private sleeping / living areas of 9-20 m² with a common “living room”, kitchen.
  • Care- and elderly homes/apartment buildings: “Care-for-each other”, living under limited supervision.