Steel and wood

Steel offers numerous advantages for the achievement of sustainability with high level environmental and health protection and growth of the economy. Day in day out, this natural, recyclable, recycled, sustainable, high-performance material, which poses no health hazards, proves its capacity to underpin the most inventive and successful solutions in construction and to adapt to the most demanding conditions of use. This potential makes steel an indispensable partner in sustainable development. Source: IPO Steel Network

Yes, our NxtGen Houses structure is a clever combination of steel and wood.

Building with steel, metal beam structures gives construction and environmental benefits when compared to timber (CLT), concrete, or other materials. A steel structure is stronger, economical, durable and much easier to install due to their reduced weight. Metal beam structures have an incredible strength to weight ratio, and therefore we can choose the external finish you want. Our building systems have been developed and designed to take into account best practice, budget, health and safety, environmental impact to achieve the best end result.

The expertise, and technical knowledge allows us to manipulate our NxtGen Houses into the shape and style you require.

In summary the benefits of steel are:

– Steel is lighter, stronger and straighter
– Steel’s quality is consistent
– Steel is non-combustible therefore lower fire risk
– Steel is environmentally friendly. Steel can be 100% recycled
– Steel construction is a lot lighter than timber, less weight results in less foundation.

Yes. Steel’s reputation for high embodied energy and carbon emissions is well documented and higher than wood or concrete. In our NxtGen Houses construction system all the steel components are releasable, so they can be used again and again in future NxtGen Houses constructions.