“Modular” is a term broad enough to nearly loose meaning. How much is built offsite and how densely the modules are assembled. Modular building is unfortunately often associated with stacking of houses with a so-called ‘container look’. That is NOT what we do. The basic definition of a module is ‘a part of a larger whole, which itself also consists of several parts’. We apply modularity in design, in such a way that outdated or broken modules can be easily replaced. It starts with the primitives, the fundamental building part that cannot be broken down into a smaller part. By connecting primitives, sub-assemblies and elements are created. We see modules as parts or elements of a building; walls, floors, foundations, roofs, etc. NxtGen modular construction is element construction, whereby elements of a building are standardized and dry mounted.

Reversed engineering (Designed for Adaptability)
Life is moving fast, needs as well. Buildings are not standing for ages at the same place with the same function anymore. Steel in combination with wood provides the best solutions to allow adaptability thanks to its modularity and versatility. All connections are designed to remain reusable and easy to disassemble.

To create the maximum sustainable economic value and to keep housing affordable, NxtGen Houses works with prefab digital designed standardized building elements, which can be assembled in (m)any possible configurations. By building digitally, all collected data (a.o. drawings, building parts, weight and structural loads) is stored in a digital twin of the building during the design and construction phase.

Extending the economic lifespan makes buildings more valuable and sustainable. Choices of materials have consequences for people and planet. Translated into real estate, the longer a building lasts, the more sustainable the use of materials. Adaptability is an important starting point to be well prepared for the future wishes of tenants.

Supreme simplicity (KISS) has been an important principle in the design. The lightweight building elements are equipped with smart sensors to monitor, optimize and safeguard operations. The use of materials is kept to an absolute minimum. All building components are modular and dry mounted.

We create friendly neighborhoods where you are able to experience each moment in life, rather than float past it in a distracted, absent-minded way and where you are in control of your wellbeing.

Help us co-create the future people want to live in.