NxtGen Loft – San Francisco

The NxtGen “San Francisco” Lofts (PDF Brochure) are climate positive, designed for disassembly with circular building materials and technical facilities. By combining prefabrication methods with economy of scale we can make affordable modular housing.

“Affordable housing for people means stability and dignity, opportunity and pride”

Living in a “San Francisco” Loft improves your quality of life and opens you up to a new kind of community living. The dimensions allow for creating communities (micro villages), where people are familiar with each other and their environment becomes safe.

Our concept aims to be a platform for creating sustainable homes for groups of people who are willing to share spaces and enjoy social interaction with their neighbours and friends. Couples with shared interests in their view of housing and sharing spaces.

The San Francisco Lofts are designed for convenience and comfort: home automation, twin hot swappable panels with bio-based insulation, noise reduction, high ceilings and windows to create a sense of spaciousness. Build in such a way that a building can be deconstructed and brought back to the original basic elements (“Legolisation”).

Cost benefits
The NxtGen system works with base standards. We make/assemble a building (product) to order. This will have a large impact on cost reduction for a complete project. The advantages of collective housing also lead to a great cost reduction, security, design, sustainability and many more factors.

Comfort benefits
With collective housing people can create shared spaces which they would not be able to afford themselves. Think of a shared laundry, game-room (Netflix, playing cards, etc.), gym, a small coffee bar or a large roof terrace.


Target groups:

  • Senior citizens
  • Pensioner communities
  • Migrant workers / health professionals / expats
  • Students
  • Single parents
  • Veterans

In combination with our single or double story houses small or larger community projects (micro villages) can be formed by clustering various types of buildings.

NxtGen Loft design principles
The “San Francisco” Loft gives an insight of how within the NxtGen Housing system, including general facilities such as elevators etc., a residential structure can be created with respect for the privacy of all residents. This design also allows combinations of 2-floor apartments and other forms of living.

The design of the San Francisco Loft is based on 8 blocks with 4 residences on each floor: in total 5 floors, 160 residences and 4 lofts.

The 4 lofts are basically designed for specific social purposes such as, laundry room, recreation (pool-table, playing cards, Netflix, reading), fitness and cooking. The area between the lofts will have a recreational function and is accessible to all residents. The use of the shared spaces can be assigned depending on the needs and wishes of the habitants.

By situating the elevators around the large open Atrium with a space frame including glass roof creates a pleasant living environment with social control. The emergency staircases can be situated in a special transparent housing on either side of the building blocks (not yet included in the drawings). General storage rooms will be located in the central area on the ground floor.

When desired extra blocks can be added, which will be “connected” via walkways within the main San Francisco structure.