NxtGen Loft – Amsterdam

The NxtGen “Amsterdam” Lofts (PDF Brochure) are climate positive, designed for disassembly with circular building materials and technical facilities. By combining prefabrication methods with economy of scale we can make affordable modular housing.

“Affordable housing for people means stability and dignity, opportunity and pride”


Living in a “Amsterdam” Loft improves your quality of life and opens you up to a new kind of community living. The dimensions allow for creating communities (micro villages), where people are familiar with each other and their environment becomes safe.

Our concept aims to be a platform for creating sustainable homes for groups of people who are willing to share spaces and enjoy social interaction with their neighbours and friends. Couples with shared interests in their view of housing and sharing spaces.

The Amsterdam Lofts are designed for convenience and comfort: home automation, twin hot swappable panels with bio-based insulation, noise reduction, high ceilings and windows to create a sense of spaciousness. Build in such a way that a building can be deconstructed and brought back to the original basic elements (“Legolisation”).

NxtGen Loft Amsterdam

Impression 4 tenants on each floor


Impression 1 tenant on each floor (loft)