NGH Vertical


With our integrated group of companies, NGH Property Management B.V., NxtGen Houses B.V. (E&C), NxtGen Houses Real Estate B.V. (Owner-funding), Mac Bouw Design B.V., we control and streamline the workflow by using a single platform for design, development, production and assembly, management and ownership of buildings produced.

We take responsibility for alle the aspects of the supply and production chain for creating stunning healthy buildings using our self-developed NxtGen Houses releasable modular construction system.

NGH Apartment Building Paris

Our own designed and made to order building primitives and assemblies ensure that we remain in control of the entire building proces. Size and weight (transport costs and handling capability), dimensional stability (less error costs) and total cost of ownership (maintenance costs and ability to replace installations) are compared and analyzed in order to build cost-effective. Assemblies and equipment are releasable and can be replaced with new enhanced or improved materials in an easy way, which makes NxtGen building evergreen. Demolition becomes disassembly and reuse.