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NGH NxtGen Houses apartment Seattle

Smart build-to-rent
NGH is specialized in creating smart build-to-rent residential apartment buildings and family homes that can last for over 80 years. NGH has created affordable living concepts such as Compact living, Senior Living, City Living and Family living. We use expandable platforms/grids that serve as a starting point for design.

Types of NGH housing:
– Detached or Semi-detached houses with one or more floors.
– Mid-rise apartment buildings with living areas ranging from approx. 40-60 m². 
– Two- and three-room apartment buildings with or without elevator
– Single-family row houses, with one or more floors
– Studios and small-scale apartments
– Tiny House Block

Based on the living area, we use the classification Micro, Compact and Royal. Within the framework of the conceptual building system there are many possibilities for custom-made designs of houses and layouts. The common exterior spaces such as entrance, lift, gallery, number of floors or roof terrace, together with the chosen finish of the exterior shell, determine the look and feel. Below is an overview of our products. Click on a photo for more information.

NGH 100 – Ground-connected terraced houses (GFA >80m2)
A common type ground-connected terraced houses with two floors or detached houses with several floors. Larger three- or four-room apartments with two or three bedrooms also fall under this category. There are several concepts with a mix of Compact and Royal housing types, such as: NGH 100, NGH 120 and NGH 130.

NGH 200 – Micro living apartments (GFA approx. 20-45m2)
Living spaces intended for one or two person households. There are several concepts with a mix of different Micro living forms per floor, such as: NGH 210, NGH 220, NGH 230 and NGH 240. In addition to studios and micro-apartments, NGH has also developed apartments for co-living.

NGH 300 – Compact living apartments (GFA approx. 45-80m2)
Three- or four-room apartments intended for two- to four-person households. There are several types of Compact living concepts per floor, such as: NGH 310 en NGH 320.