NGH Housing

Smart build-to-rent
NGH provides housing and is specialized in creating smart residential apartment buildings and family homes. NGH has created affordable living concepts such as Compact living, Suburban Living, City Living and Family living which can be tailored to specific target groups. We use expandable platforms/grids that serve as a starting point for design.

NGH Architecture
We have designed small and larger types of build-to-rent apartment buildings that allow residents to share amenities in their living environment. Living and sharing improves the quality of life and acts as an activation to enjoy more social interaction. We believe that the basis of sustainable construction lies in conscious choices using a releasable and easily adaptable smart design in which materials are used sparingly.

NGH apartment Rotterdam
NGH family & senior living Bern
NGH apartment Paris
NGH NxtGen Houses apartment Seattle

We listen to our tenants and create for our clients healthy, pleasant living environments where they can feel at home now and in the future. Our style is characterized by an eye for detail, use of quality materials, functional interpretation of communal space and ease of use.