NGH Community living


NGH has developed apartments for group living (co-housing) and house sharing (co-living) for people with the same interests or who want to live close together. Living among like-minded people makes it easier for them to form social bonds that make for healthier, less lonely and happier lives.

The strong increase in single-person households, rising housing costs and a decrease in the need for space due to digitalization and the sharing economy are some of the reasons for the rise in wanting/needing to live smaller. Living is not just about the number of square meters or cubic meters. The practical layout of the rooms, the indoor climate, the degree of daylight penetration and ventilation possibilities in combination with location and infrastructure determine the feeling of the total living experience.


There are different groups of co-housing but in general residents have shared interests, intentions and values. Living in a group is a wonderful way to improve social connections and participate more in society. NxtGen Houses strongly believes that because of the various benefits the concept of community living will probably become a preferred type of residential living.

Households have independent incomes and private lives, but neighbors collaboratively plan and manage community activities. Co-housing means living close to, but not with, each other in the same apartment. Independent living with its own front door, but with a communal area in the immediate vicinity where people can meet each other. Neighbors collaboratively plan and manage community activities such as shared meals, parties, meetings, and sports. Co-housing is not only for seniors but for everyone that wants to feel as if they are part of a neighbourhood and other people are looking out for them and one another.

Co-living is a housing concept where residents share a home. Here, a diversity of people from different generations and backgrounds lives together in a complex, creating an inspiring and dynamic environment. Within the co-living concept, there are various forms of living; residents have their own bedroom and privacy and share the kitchen and other living areas. NGH has developed various types of flats for co-living with living units from approx. 20m2 but also housing units with two or more bedrooms (approx. 40m2 – 60m2). Within various building concepts there is a roof terrace with a communal area that is only accessible to residents.  

Group living or housing sharing can be an attractive alternative for several target groups. NGH can tailor the layout, size of the living space and finishing level of the apartment complexes to specific target groups.