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NGH signature: we design and build sustainably
The NxtGen building system has a universal three-dimensional grid as a fixed basis for all types of housing. Depending on the purpose and location within the design, vertical and horizontal surfaces are filled in with custom-developed panels, communal spaces and add-ons. The chosen lines, colors and textures guarantee a recognizable identity for each project.

Focus on people and living environments
NGH is conscious of the need to reduce the impact of the built environment on use of virgin materials and CO2 emissions. We create sustainable, healthy, pleasant living environments where you can feel at home now and in the future. Our style is characterized by an eye for detail, functional interpretation of communal space and ease of use. We believe that the basis of sustainable construction lies in energy saving technology and releasable, easily adaptable smart design, in which materials are used sparingly.

NGH NxtGen Houses apartment Seattle

Digital Twin & Building Information Model (BIM)
A digital twin is a realistic digital representation of a real-world asset in the built environment. The information obtained from the building by means of sensors is stored digitally and used for optimizing energy consumption and planning preventive maintenance. This integrated digital approach avoids costs and allows parties to monitor, supplement and improve each other.

All necessary and available information from design to delivery and management is included in one virtual 3D model of the building. In the BIM model, the building can be viewed from every angle and overviews and measurement statements can be made, so that designs are better, smarter and more efficient. This leads to better quality, less errors and fewer failure costs.

NGH family & senior living Bern