NGH Apartment buildings


NxtGen Houses has designed several types of build-to-rent apartment buildings that allow people to share amenities in their living environment which improves their quality of life but also acts as an activation to enjoy social interaction.

Smart build-to-rent 
We are specialized in creating smart residential housing. The apartment buildings come in various heights, shape and dimensions and can tailored to the specific target groups. 

The size of the apartments ranges from 20m2 to 120m2 and most buildings have shared spaces. The models can be tailored to the specific target groups singles, students, young professionals, families, seniors or any other group to create healthy living environments with a sense of belonging.

In order to create the maximum sustainable economic value and to keep housing affordable, NGH works with prefab designed standardized construction elements, which can be assembled and reused in (m)any possible configurations. Design wishes can easily be translated into specific parts or assemblies rather than having to change the whole concept itself. We use steel for strength and bio-based insulation or wood for thermal mass in our structures. Adaptability of a building is important for the future wishes of tenants. Extending the economic lifespan by adapting to the changing needs of the users makes buildings more valuable. Choices of materials have consequences for people and planet. Translated into real estate, the longer a building lasts, the more sustainable the use of energy and materials.