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NxtGen Houses and …… TCO

Maintaining a building involves substantial annual costs, the magnitude of which is often underestimated. The operational costs are a multiple of the foundation costs. At NGH we also use the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach, considering all costs over the total lifespan of a building.

NxtGen Houses and …… Airtight construction

In addition to improving living comfort, airtight construction also improves the environmental friendliness of a house. Because no unwanted (cold) air enters the house, the heating does not have to be on unnecessarily. 

NxtGen Houses and …… Vapour permeable construction

A critical part of building homes is ensuring good control of water vapour going in and out of a home. Vapour permeable construction and insulation creates a “breathable” and healthy indoor climate with natural moisture and heat regulation, where water vapour can easily pass from the inside to the outside (and vice versa) while the building remains air, wind and water tight.

NxtGen Houses and …… Light construction

Traditional building methods are making way for modern prefab modular construction. These are lightweight building systems that are two to three times lighter than stone and concrete systems and also significantly more environmentally friendly. 

NxtGen Houses and …… Connections

Detachability is the basis for the high-quality reuse of building materials and existing elements in a building. If a building or house is constructed based on a detachable system, materials and building elements are easier to replace and the life span of the object is extended.  

NxtGen Houses and …… Bio-based insulation

The climate impact of the construction industry has to be reduced. The use of biobased products from residual flows and certain types of grass can help to achieve the climate objectives.

NxtGen Houses and …… Hybrid construction

Hybrid vehicles, hybrid art, and now also hybrid construction systems. The word hybrid is defined as “something that has two different types of components performing essentially the same function”, quite a broad term, though it is mostly associated with sustainability. In the case of hybrid vehicles this mainly means saving fuel and a decrease in emissions, but what does hybrid construction mean? And what value does it add? 

NxtGen Houses and …… Flex-housing

The use of flexi-houses is one of the solutions to solve the housing shortage in the Netherlands. The problem is that there is a negative image attached to flexhomes: container houses, ruined streetscape, nuisance, etc. Nowadays, flex homes look like modern homes that fit neatly into the streetscape and are on a par with modern permanent homes.

Vision becomes reality

The demand for housing is enormous, but the supply lags. At NxtGen Houses we think it is time for a change. Our products will accelerate the transition within the building sector and create affordable housing for everyone in a CO2 conscious and energy-efficient way.