From project to product

Or how building a house can become buying a product…

Building a house involves quite a number of stakeholders throughout the process, each active or responsible for a certain part of the construction chain. From drawing the plans to the actual key on your door.

Modular construction however industrializes this process because there is a degree of responsibility whereby the actual construction time and costs are significantly reduced. It’s all about organizing the construction process like you would organize the production of cars, namely with standardized parts in a continuous production or assembly flow.

The building components consist of various releasable parts, are already prefabricated in order to optimize the process even more.

Translated to the construction of a house, this means the assembly of parts in a factory in order to supply prefabricated assemblies to the actual building site and thereby allowing for shorter construction times. Standardization of the building elements and keeping their fixtures as simple as possible leads to further time and cost saving. In other words, maximising the production (assembly) of parts in the offsite factory and minimising the assembly work at the building site.

Optimizing logistics of the whole process is another topic allowing you to bring down the cost even further whilst reducing the CO2 footprint.

And quality control is much easier and better in a factory environment than on a construction site. As a result mistakes and rework are reduced to a minimum with a positive effect on the construction schedule.