Conceptual construction

The “NxtGen” construction system allows you to create predefined housing solutions for specific target groups with room for customization by working with adaptable assemblies that all fit within a particular concept.  And of course we offer multiple concepts to choose from, after all tastes and needs can vary a lot from one person (or target group) to the next. Possible target groups could be students, migrants, senior citizens, young families, singles etc.

It’s like choosing a specific gift box for someone. Only in this case you choose a box that contains all the specific parts that are necessary to create the housing project of your dreams with an eye for quality, high-end architecture and durability.

Design wishes can easily be translated into specific parts or assemblies rather than having to change the whole concept itself. And if at some stage the customer changes his mind about something, we simply replace a certain prefabricated part that matches his new ideas. With classic construction methods that’s often a no go and it may imply having to start all over again. NxtGen construction leaves far more options for changes, updates, refurbishing, use of new components etc.

Most elements of the construction can be replaced in a fairly easy manner and therefore expansion or reduction of the structure is possible in both horizontal and vertical direction, even long after the house has actually been occupied.  In fact it’s all about assembly and disassembly, use and reuse.  This smoothly brings us back to a brilliant concept called “Designed for Disassembly”.