Conceptual building


Conceptual building
The NxtGen Houses (NGH) building concept encompasses the development, production, construction, management and disassembly of apartment complexes and ground-based dwellings. We have developed various building types, each with their own appearance, characteristics, diversity of target groups, number of homes, facilities, etc. Within our prefab building concept, the apartment complexes and houses are, pre-developed products which can be customized as desired.

The ability to create a “bespoke” product within the NGH building concept gives each building its own identity with its own experience, appearance, ease of use, luxury, comfort and quality. Thanks to the freedom of choice, the range can be fully tailored to the needs of the market and the residents.

Target groups
With our NGH building system we design and build permanent residential houses that can last for over 80 years. These concepts are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and design freedom. Depending on the desired type of housing, layout and location, we adjust our basic concepts to a tailormade design. NGH realizes affordable housing for specific target groups such as single and multifamily living, starters, singles, seniors, young professionals, worker migrants and students. Each target group has its own housing characteristics and housing requirements: size, composition, number of bedrooms, finishing, shared facilities, outdoor spaces, etc. Based on the desired mix of target groups within a building, a suitable layout and finishing is determined.

NGH Architecture
NGH is conscious of the need to reduce the impact of the built environment on use of virgin materials and CO2 emissions. We create sustainable, healthy, pleasant living environments where you can feel at home now and in the future. We believe that the basis of sustainable construction lies in energy saving technology and releasable, easily adaptable smart design, in which materials are used sparingly. Our designs and construction methods are characterised by sustainability and a conscious choice of raw materials and technology. We build rental housing for people, with the emphasis on healthy living and happiness for our tenants.

We have designed build-to-rent apartment buildings that allow residents to share amenities in their living environment. Living and sharing improves the quality of life and acts as an activation to enjoy more social interaction. We listen to our tenants and create for our clients healthy, pleasant living environments. Our style is characterized by an eye for detail, use of quality materials, functional interpretation of communal space and ease of use.

NxtGen Houses 320 appartementencomplex zijaanzicht
NxtGen Houses 102 vrijstaande woning
NxtGen Houses 220 galerij woningen
NxtGen Houses 210 mid-rise apartment complex

Digital Twin & Building Information Model (BIM)
A digital twin is a real-time digital replica of a building. The information obtained from sensors in the building is stored digitally and used to optimize energy consumption and plan preventive maintenance. All necessary and available information from design to delivery and management is included in one virtual 3D model of the building. This leads to better quality, less errors and fewer failure costs.