Community Living

The NxtGen “Berlin” cluster (PDF brochure) is a combination of various types of buildings (Single living , Partner living and Family living) based on the NxtGen Houses construction system.

The built environment can be seen as having an hierarchical structure in which higher levels serve as the setting and context in which lower levels operate. As such, higher levels exercise dominance over lower levels, while lower levels are dependant on higher-level structures. From building material to small components, to assemblies, to building elements, to complete buildings. All based on the same “Lego principle” from small to big with maximum flexibility.

When buying a car you can choose a brand (NxtGen Houses), a model (type of building), a color (cladding and finishing), etc. Our building/assembly process is also similar to the automotive industry. We do not build everything, we only offer the building types in our portfolio. And yes, we can change and adjust everything, however we approach the building industry as a production process.

The buildings are climate positive, designed with circular building materials and technical facilities to prevent waste. By combining prefabrication methods with an economy of scale we can make affordable modular housing.

“Affordable housing for people means stability and dignity, opportunity and pride”

The “Berlin” cluster has been designed for convenience and comfort: home automation, twin hot swappable panels with bio-based insulation, noise reduction, high ceilings and windows to create a sense of spaciousness. Build in such a way that a building can be deconstructed an brought back to the original basic elements (“Legolisation”).

Target groups:
– Single households
– Single parents
– Families
– Expats
– Senior citizens

Cost benefits
The NxtGen system works with base standards. We assemble a building (product) to order. This will have a large impact on cost reduction for a complete project. The advantages of collective housing also lead to a great cost reduction, security, design, sustainability and many more factors.

Comfort benefits
With collective housing people can create shared spaces which they would not be able to afford themselves. Think of a shared laundry, game-room (Netflix, playing cards, etc.), gym, a small coffee bar or a large roof terrace.