Building design

NxtGen Houses combines the strengths and advantages of various existing steel and wooden construction systems with new materials resulting in a game changing industrial building system for the future. The five W’s are not enough. During the structural engineering and design phase weight and joint design of the steel structures was optimized. Mistakes we made were illuminating and led to other (more simple) solutions. The final 288 page statical calculation proves our modular building system. The end result is a building system that is highly adaptable and can easily be installed, clustered, repaired, partitioned or even disassembled.

Game Changer
NxtGen Houses aims to change the future of the building industry. Modular construction starting from primitives, digitalization, sustainability and lego-like building components. Size layout, orientation and aesthetics are flexible to meet individual lifestyle requirements. We truly assemble buildings the same way the automotive industry assembles cars.

The pre-designed steel skeleton elements can easily be placed and re-shuffled. With our hot swappable twin-panels there is no need to shut down, demolish or “restart” your building when adding or removing new or refurbished panels. Affordable and simple construction which can be easily modified by connecting components in many different ways.