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Legacy Project

In 2016 we created for our rental business our patented NxtGen Industrial building system, in 2018 followed by our NxtGen Kitchens building system (www.nxtgenbuilding.com). Both systems are Lego-like releasable and can be used in combination. In november 2018 I was asked if residential houses could also be built with our NxtGen building system. I became curious and inspired, started reading and analyzing the different building methods in use and met with building experts to talk about what I now call my “legacy project”.

We applied the same design and engineering principles used for the Lego-like NxtGen modular industrial and kitchen building systems.
– Designed for Disassembly
– Easy construction
– Lightweight building
– Easy availability of materials
– No big/heavy building elements or heavy machinery
– Sustainable and circular bio-based materials

We added principles, typical for residential houses such as airtight, ventilation, insulation, focus on natural light, minimal maintenance and energy demand. By reducing weight and length of the construction process, embodied energy can be saved. The “plug & play” connections between elements can be easily and quickly executed. The five W’s are not enough. I get the best idea’s when taking a shower or when I put my subconsciousness to work before I fall asleep.

The world needs cheaper, smarter and better solutions in order to keep up with the demand for affordable housing. The answer can be found in prefabricated and pre-assembled solutions. “NxtGen Smart Modular Building” combines modular design with prefabrication methods which results in a mix of our New Basic building types and our NxtGen Loft types that are easily adaptable over time. Disassembly and adaption to other functions and future use radically extends the building’s life span and reduce costs.

More sustainable requires that decisions respect the interdependence of all life. During 2019 we have been working and studying hard and quietly in stealth mode, with focus on longevity, high quality and reuse of building components. The final 288 page statical calculation proves our modular building system. We can do this!

We believe our unique NxtGen Houses building system with all its positive benefits contributes to sustainability of the building industry and can make the difference.

Carel van Duuren

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