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During construction of NxtGen Industrial and Kitchen projects workers have to stay in hotels for a few weeks and I thought why not make a small temporary home to save hotel expenses. In 2018 I started my journey in the built environment analyzing building methods and analyzed what makes “producing” buildings more difficult than producing cars. I got inspired by the various possibilities to solve problems in the inefficient construction sector, the need to reduce waste and build affordable homes. We designed and tested various prototypes in stealth mode, with focus on standardization, longevity, flexibility, high quality and reuse of building components.

I founded NxtGen Houses (NGH) which I think of as my legacy on my birthday in 2020. With our integrated group of companies we create value though innovation and provide better living for more people. We take responsibility for all the aspects of the supply and production chain and produce stunning healthy affordable housing using our self-developed NxtGen Houses releasable construction system.

NxtGen Houses has reinvented conventional building and created a new Meccano/LEGO -like sustainable industrial building system with an IKEA mounting instruction that will grow into something extraordinary. We use a product-based approach, have componentize the design process and control the “manufacturing/assembly” value chain which results in stunning residential buildings that are easily adaptable over time. The “plug & play” connections between elements can be easily and quickly executed.

NGH mission is to maximize social impact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) play an integral role in the strategy of NxtGen Houses to offer high-quality, affordable housing solutions. To allow for energy transition, we base our decisions on circularity, sustainability and with the well-being of future generations in mind.

More sustainable residential living requires that decisions respect the interdependence of all life. We believe that establishing lasting relationships and a transparent working method has a positive effect on returns.

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back.

Carel van Duuren

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