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We design and build residential buildings
We create, build and lease smart residential houses with our NxtGen Houses (NGH) building concept, which is characterized by high flexibility and design freedom. Our buildings come in various heights, shapes and dimensions and can be tailored to the specific target groups. We developed our unique industrial building system to accelerate construction time and save construction costs. All elements and parts can be reused without rework and remain cycling instead of becoming waste.

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Think & Build different
Historically, the construction industry has underperformed (McKinsey June 2020) and faces many problems such as slow speeds, growing labor shortage and skills scarcity. Another major stimulus for smart building is sustainability, the urgent need to reduce the impact of carbon emission. We need to “Build different“ and cannot solve these problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. With our building concept we created smart high quality residential apartments with a minimum of parts, easy to assemble even without specific skills. Simultaneously the CO2 footprint and embodied energy will be reduced significantly.

Sharing economy
The way that people are choosing to live, and work is changing. NxtGen Houses strongly believes that because of the various benefits, concepts of community living such as co-housing and co-living will become a preferred type of residential living. Living closer together has not only arisen from economic necessity but also from determination to create alternative and more desirable ways to live.

End- to-end platform
NxtGen Houses is an end-to-end platform for design, development, construction and management of residential buildings “produced” with our NGH releasable building concept. With component architecture we built turnkey residential buildings using our Meccano/LEGO -like industrial standardized framework. Building components can be made in any shape and dimension or finish specification. By applying compartmentation in design outdated or broken components can be replaced easily. We use digital twin technology, and collected data is stored during the total life cycle of the building.

Creating Value through Innovation
Component architecture and dynamic assembly is the future of the building industry and provides a solution to affordable living. We combine the strengths and advantages of existing construction systems with innovative new contech and proptech solutions resulting in a high-performance conceptual building system. Because NGH is both (co-)owner and manager of the real estate and has an interest in keeping the TCO low, all applied materials and techniques are of high quality. 

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